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Microwave to Table Bowl Cozie - Small

Microwave to Table Bowl Cozie - Small


Tired of burning your hands removing items from the microwave? These very versatile machine washable bowl cozies are great for heating/serving hot dishes - instant microwave to table. Customer corners make them easy to carry and a beautiful addition to your dining area. Insulated to protect your table. Custom made - you pick the Kitenge fabric that best matches your table decor. Available in two sizes: 


Small - 7" square - Holds bowls 4" to 6"

Large - 10" square - Holds bowls 6" to 8"


If you would like a fabric other than the one pictured, click here to view all our Kitenge fabrics then come back to this window and add in the name of your selection name below. Orders shipped within 7-10 days.

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